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Growing up Jimmy had a ton of practice rebuilding street bikes after stunting and crashing them all over OC. At 19 decided to attend MMi, a top racer at the age of 21, GM of Mach 1 at 22, & in 2008 hired as riding coach & crew chief for the SWIGZ.com pro racing team. During his time with the team, road racing quickly evolved into the "Worlds Fastest Electric Motorcycle". Jimmy & Chip Yates were able to accomplish over 10 world records, winning at Pikes Peak, & 200 MPH at Bonneville. In 2012, after spending the last few years working with Chip Yates & his team of world renowned engineers, Jimmy realized his experience & training couldn't be utilized where he was at. It was nearly 10 years of running someone else shop, when he had envisioned a different future for it. After a tough negotiation process things didn't work out as planned, & in June of 2013 so was born "Riders Revelation"! In less than 1 year Jimmy & his professionally trained crew had built the fastest growing & highest overall rated shop in Southern California. It has always been our #1 priority to maintain our integrity & reputation within the customer community. For the last 7 years it has been our privilege to serve you & service your motorcycle. 


As motorcycle professionals, It is our purpose to keep your motorcycle running as safe and reliable as possible. At Riders Revelation we will provide you with a plan that is in accordance with manufacturer specifications that is both practical & affordable at the same time.

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If you need a place to take your bike when things go sliding, Riders Revelation can handle it. We have years of experience dealing with all the insurance companies, and have established great relationships with them. When the claim is complete, not only will you get your bike back the way it was before your accident , most of the time it will be hooked up! We guarantee you will not be disappointed. 

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At Riders Revelation we are confident that our diagnostic capabilities reach far beyond other "motorcycle shops" & "dealers". We use state of the art tools & techniques, accompanied by years of systematic data acquisition, to quickly & effectively isolate the issues at hand. If you or others have tried everything imaginable its Riders Revelation that is willing to help.

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